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Simple Store Demo with Advanced Cart Feature Set on Multiple Devices

What is the Advanced Cart Feature Set?

An Advanced Cart Feature Set gives you even more product enhancements in your Online Store such as inventory, and minimum and maximum order quantities. With this add on, you can also take advantage of more shipping and sales tax options as well as various integrations.

Minimum & Maximum Order Quantities

Restrict the quantity a shopper can order by setting a minimum or maximum order amount.

Minimum and Maximum Order Quantities Cart Page on tablet


Keep track of the items on hand with the inventory feature.You can allow inventory to go negative and you can activate a low inventory alert.

Inventory Page on Tablet

Setup Charge

Add a setup charge for a specific item.

Set Up charge page on tablet

Basic Shipping Tables

Allow shoppers to choose a prefered shipping method by adding a shipping table to the checkout page.

Shipping tables page on tablet

Shipping Modifier

A shipping modifier incurs a charge for each unit of that item ordered and adds it to the cost of shipping.

Shipping modifier page on tablet

ShipStation Integration

Send your store orders to your ShipStation account to manage shipping and then send shipping information back to your Simple Store or Redemption Site

Shipstation Integration Icon on tablet

Store Level Sales Tax

Configure taxes at the store level rather than organization level. You can select no tax collection or use a custom rate.

Store level sales tax page on tablet

Zip Code Based Sales Tax

Zip Code Sales Tax collects taxes based on the states and zip codes you activate for your store. Additional charges apply.

Zip Code Based Sales Tax Icon on tablet

Avalara Sales Tax Integration

Use your Avalara account to manage your store level taxes using real-time calculations.

Avalara Sales Tax Integration Icon on tablet

Go on, play around!

We’ve built a Simple Store with the Advanced Cart Feature Set activated so you can see what the shoppers will experience when they come to your store. Our Sales Team is happy to give you a one-on-one demo to show you around.

View Demo

Get Familiar with Simple Stores

Our Team has put together amazing resources for you to learn more about Online Stores! With Sales Sheets, Weekly Demo’s, and Demo Stores, learn all about what BrightStores can do to help grow your business.object