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Company Stores, Simple Stores, and Order Management.

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Bright Sites Advanced Company Store homepage on tablet

Flexible. Scalable. Feature Rich.

The perfect store for your clients.

Whether you're looking to offer your clients a fully branded online store or need an easy way for them to place orders with you online - we've got you covered!

Between Company Stores and Simple Stores, you can streamline the ordering process for all of your clients - big or small.

Bright Sites Decoration Company Store homepage on tablet and phone

Bright Sites

Company Stores

  • Fully customizable online stores.
  • Homepage, product categories, and product pages for a retail experience.
  • Loaded with features like permissions, budgets, and user accounts.
  • A variety of store levels and add-ons available to meet your client's needs.
  • Perfect for providing a centralized corporate ordering location.
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Bright Orders Simple Store homepage on tablet and phone

Bright Orders

Simple Stores

  • Quick and easy online ordering.
  • All products and product options are listed on a single storefront page
  • Limited feature options for a fast setup and store launch.
  • Affordable so you can give all of your clients the option to order online.
  • Perfect for temporary pop-ups, schools, and fundraisers.
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Bright Orders

Order Management

From start to finish - streamline how you and your sales reps collect and manage orders while also keeping your clients up-to-date on their orders.

Build proposals, manage all Simple Store and Company Store orders, generate invoices, and get paid!

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Bright Orders Order Management dashboard on tablet

Suppliers. Decorators. Warehouses.

Direct Vendor Integrations

Complete the ordering loop by sending order information directly from your client's Company Store to participating suppliers, decorators, or warehouses as soon as the order is placed.