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December Social Share: Bring Your Employees More Holiday Cheer

Spread a little holiday joy around the office by letting employees choose from a handful of cool logo'd gear. With a Company Stores and Simple Store you can allow employees to shop in their own company branded store any time and on any device. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bring your employees more cheer this holiday season. #HolidayGiftGiving #EmployeeGifts #TisTheSeason #CompanyStores #SimpleStores

Use the hashtag #PromoCompanyStores when you share!

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Social Media Staples

The life of a social post isn't very long, so it's perfectly fine to repost as often as you like.

We Do Company Stores

Unless your clients are mind readers (which would be super cool) they may not know that you provide Company Stores. Showcase what you have to offer.

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Reasons to Start a Company Store

Why are Company Stores so great? For starters, they include features like Logo Management and provide one central ordering location that will save your client time and money.

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Why Company Stores #1

Reason #1 – One Central Ordering Location. Company Stores provide one central ordering location for your client, whether they have one location or 10+.

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Why Company Stores #2

Reason #2 – Control Branding. Another reason clients ask for Company Stores is to help control branding. After all, they worked hard for that logo and they want to make it shine.

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Why Company Stores #3

Reason #3 – Control Your Bottom Line. Clients are always looking for ways to help control their bottom line. Company Stores help them do this with features like Permissions, MOAS, and more.

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New Store Launch

Just launched a new store? Show it off by sharing it on social. You can even tag your client, just make sure it’s okay with them first. We kept the screenshot neutrally branded for privacy

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Tour Company Stores

Peak your followers interest by showing off the fact that people can test out a Company Store. You can even link the post directly to a demo store.

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Next Level Reporting

Clients love metrics. It shows them that the Company Store is worth every penny. Show off the fact that our Basic and Advanced Stores come with next level reporting features.

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Integration Friendly

No one wants to work with software that doesn’t play well with others. Show your followers that your Company Stores are built to be integration friendly.

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Company Stores, Retail Style

Let your followers know that Company Stores provide the same retail style shopping experience, like related products, reviews, one-click checkout and more.

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Making Promo Ordering Easier

Ordering that is unintuitive or stuck in the 20th century is a pain point for corporate buyers. Show your followers that Company Stores make promo ordering easy.

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Company Store Levels

Why do we offer multiple store levels? Because every client has a distinct set of wants and needs. Show your followers that your solutions aren’t one size fits all.

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Seasonal Content

Summer Swagger

Promotional products are always in season and summer is no exception. Show your clients that they can order cool summer swag from you, like tank tops and hats, online with their very own Company Store.

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Graduation Season

It's the day that every student and parent dreams of...graduation day. Set up an online store so students can order all of their well-earned graduation gear like letter jackets, class rings, and graduation robes.

 Download [.png]

Take the Plunge

Summertime brings flexible hours and working remotely. Time for your clients to take the plunge and dive into a Company Store so their employees can order anytime, anywhere...including the beach!

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