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The goldilocks of Company Stores

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the goldilocks of Company StoresArrow pointing to 'Blueprint Basic Demo Company Store with menu that reads "Everything You Need For A Day On The Job" on iPad and iPhone'
Blueprint Basic Demo Company Store with menu that reads "Everything You Need For A Day On The Job" on iPad and iPhone

What makes this store basic? object

The Basic Company Store level is just right for your clients who need a sharp and modern looking promo store complete with a beautiful streamlined homepage, robust product categories and filtering, and multiple shopping cart capabilities.

Beautiful Storefronts

Elevate your client’s brand with out-of-the-box storefront themes you can build yourself or have our design team work their magic for a custom designed storefront.

Bright Sites Basic Company Store homepage on tablet

Product Categories

Guide shoppers to right product with custom categories, multi-level categories, and the ability to add a single product in multiple categories. Smart and organized.

Bright Sites Basic Company Store product category page showing dropdown menu on tablet

Product Pages

Show off your client’s products with large primary images and thumbnails shoppers can hover over to preview. Product options, like size and color are neatly displayed.

Bright Sites Basic Company Store product page on tablet


With virtual logo capabilities, shoppers will be able to choose their logo and see how it will look on the product.

Bright Sites Company Store logo popout on product page on tablet

Product Personalization

Allow shoppers to add their personalized text to the products. You can collect a single line of personalization for a name or multiple lines for an address.

Bright Sites Basic Company Store product personalization text box on tablet

User Accounts & Guest Users

Shoppers can create user accounts so they can see their order status, view past orders, save addresses, and more! You can also allow users to shop as guests.

Bright Sites Basic Company Store user accounts and guest users log in, create new acount, and continue as guest page

Multiple Payment Methods

Utilize the payment methods your client needs with custom payments or a payment gateway to securely accept credit cards.

Bright Sites Basic Company Store admin payments page showing multiple payments on tablet

Sales Tax

Calculate taxes in your store by using a custom rate or calculate state-by-state with the Zip Code Sales Tax add-on.

Bright Sites Basic Company Store admin taxes page on tablet


Create custom flat rate shipping rates based off either the order total or the item’s weight. You can also include a shipping base rate that can be added to each order at checkout.

Bright Sites Basic Company Store admin shipping page on tablet

Report Suite & Custom Reports

Sales, Product, and Product Sales Reports come standard. You can also create and save your own custom reports. All reports can be exported to a CSV file.

Bright Sites Basic Company Store admin report suite and cutom report on tablet

Order Management

Keep track of the store’s order details all in one place. You can download all of your orders or let the orders flow seamlessly into Bright Orders.

Bright Sites Basic Company Store admin order management page

Easy Upgrade to Advanced

When your client needs additional features, you can upgrade them to an Advanced Company Store from the admin dashboard.

Bright Sites Basic Site admin udgrade store levels screen on a tablet

Go on, play around!

We’ve built an Basic Company Demo Store so that you’re able to see what the shoppers will experience when they come to your store. Our Sales Team is happy to give you a one-on-one demo to show you everything Bright Sites has to offer. We also recommend using our Demo Stores as a great Sales tool!

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The more you know, the easier it is to sell to your clients!

Our Team has created client friendly Basic Company Store sales tools you can use as your own. These resources are a great way to learn more about the types of Online Stores we have to offer and what they’re capable of! object