Simple Stores

Single Page Online Ordering

Simple Stores

In the spirit of simplicity, these stores will get your clients ordering online in a snap! Built on the Bright Orders platform, Simple Stores take just minutes to set up and can be used for collecting orders, temporary or seasonal shops, and fundraising.

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Why Choose a Simple Store?

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Pop-Up Stores

Pop-Up Stores are perfect for any temporary or seasonal store that needs to "pop-up" quickly. They can also serve as a simplified companion to your client's Company Store.

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Quick Design & Launch

Easily design the store yourself. Just add a logo, customize the colors, and specify the checkout options. Made simple, so you can launch quickly.

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Start as Many as You Need

There's no monthly fee so you can start as many stores as you need - only pay when orders are placed. We can even take care of the setup with a turnkey option.

Simple Store Features

Single Page Storefront

All items are listed on a single page. There’s no homepage or product categories which makes it easy for the shopper to navigate. Perfect for stores with less than 10 items.

Personalization Field

Collect personalization information that needs to be included on a product. Perfect for uniforms or sport stores which may require a name and number.

Countdown Clock & Order Goal

Motivate shoppers by displaying how many days they have to shop before the store closes or how close they are to meeting the organization's sales goal.

Email Marketing

With a variety of email templates available, you can create and send campaigns that link directly to the store letting shoppers know it is open or reminding them to make purchases.

Shipping, Taxes, & Checkout Options

Streamline shipping and taxes with one flat shipping rate per store and a single organization tax rate to each order. Make any field on the checkout page required, hidden, or add in default text.

Payment Methods

Utilize either a single customized payment method or integrate with a payment gateway such as Stripe or Authorize.Net to safely accept a shopper's credit card.

Redemption Stores

Create a store where shoppers enter a code to redeem their products rather than using a traditional payment method.

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Manage Orders

Track and manage all orders from your Simple Stores and Company Stores directly in Bright Orders! Edit details, send invoices, manage fulfilment, communicate with your clients, and run reports all in one place.

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Simple Stores Demo

Bright Orders Simple Store demo on computer.
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Simple Store Pricing

DIY and Turnkey Options Available

Only pay when you get orders.

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