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Simple Store Demo with Advanced Design Feature Set on Multiple Devices

What is the Advanced Design Feature Set?

This add-on option will allow you to add categories, use two or three column layouts, add a store banner, and enable more text and color options so your store is always looking fresh and modern with company branding!

Header & Footer Background Colors

Customize text and background colors in the header and footer of the store.

Advanced Design Feature Simple Store Product Page

Store Width Banner

Add a banner to the top of your store that runs the width of the page.

Simple Store Home Page on Tablet


Customize the intro paragraph with a “what you see is what you get” editor. You can also upload images to the intro paragraph.

WYSIWYG Edit Design Page on Tablet

AI Product Categories

Automatically build product categories using artificial intelligence. The system will identify the product based on the image, create categories, and group similar products in the same categories. You can control the AI to be specific or generic with category creation.

AI Product Categories Page on Laptop

Product Categories

Organize the products in your store with categories. In a Simple Store, you can have up to 15 categories.

Product Categories Page on Tablet

Category Filtering

Help shoppers find the products they’re looking for with storefront category filtering. Perfect for stores with multiple categories.

Category Filtering Option on tablet

Two Column Layout

Organize the products in your store with two columns rather than one. Useful for stores with a larger product population.

Two Product layout on tablet

Three Column Layout

Organize the products in your store with three columns rather than one or two. Useful for stores with a larger product population.

Three product layout on tablet

Streamlined Product Pages

When you have either a two or three column layout, users will navigate to a simplified product page to select product options and quantities.

Streamlined Product Pages on tablet

Contact & Copyright Field HTML

Allow links for contact and copyright information in the footer.

Simple Store Product Page

Custom Domain SSL Certificate Add-On

Use your registered Custom Domain Name and activate the SSL Certificate to encrypt online store traffic for a secure store that will never revert to the subdomain name.

Custum Domain Page on Tablet

Go on, play around!

We’ve built a Simple Store with the Advanced Design Feature Set activated so you can see what the shoppers will experience when they come to your store. Our Sales Team is happy to give you a one-on-one demo to show you around.

View Demo

Get Familiar with Simple Stores

Our Team has put together amazing resources for you to learn more about Online Stores! With Sales Sheets, Weekly Demo’s, and Demo Stores, learn all about what BrightStores can do to help grow your business.object