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Simple Store Demo with Advanced Design Feature Set on Multiple Devices

What makes this store simple? object

It’s the simplicity that makes them perfect.

Single Page Storefront

All items are listed on a single page. There’s no homepage or product categories which makes it easy for the shopper to navigate. Perfect for stores with less than 10 items.

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Setup Assistant

Setting up a Simple Store is easy! The Setup Assistant right on the homepage walks you through the entire process so you can do it yourself in just a few minutes.

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Store Personalization

Keeping it clean and simple, you can add your client’s logo and a message at the top of the page to welcome shoppers to the store.

ipad personalization image

Countdown Clock

Motivate shoppers by displaying how many days they have to shop.

ipad countdown image

Order Goal

Let shoppers know how close they are to meeting a fundraising goal before the store closes.

ipad goal image


Add your own products and product images to the store or copy products from our database.

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Product Options

In addition to size and color, you can add more product options to each item in the store.

ipad options image

Personalization Field

Add a personalization field to each product to collect personalization information from shoppers like name and jersey number.

ipad personalization image

Checkout Page

Checkout page flexibility allows you to make any field on the checkout page required or hidden to the shopper. You can even add default text to the fields.

ipad checkout image


Streamline shipping by assigning one flat shipping rate per store.

ipad shipping image

Sales Tax

Taxes are managed at an organization level, you can use a custom tax rate, zip code based tax rate, or you can integrate with Avalara to pull in real time rates.

ipad taxes image

Payment Methods

Utilize either a single customized payment method or integrate with a payment gateway to securely accept a shopper’s credit card.

ipad payment image

Email Marketing

Built in email marketing lets you send campaigns to shoppers that link directly to the store. Let them know the store is open or remind them to make a purchase.

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Report Suite & Custom Reports

Simple Stores comes with a report suite including a custom report builder. Export all order reports to a CSV file to take your orders with you or process and manage the order directly in Bright Orders.

ipad report image

Order Management

Edit order details and client data with your Simple Store account. Or take advantage of everything Bright Orders has to offer including out-of-the-box integration with Bright Sites so you can manage all Company Store and Simple Store orders together.

ipad management image

Go on, play around!

We’ve built a Simple Store so you can see what the shoppers will experience when they come to your store to find an exciting new promotional product!

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Get Familiar with Simple Stores

Our Team has put together amazing resources for you to learn more about Online Stores! With Sales Sheets, Weekly Demo’s, and Demo Stores, learn all about what BrightStores can do to help grow your business.object