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Blueprint Redemption Site Demo Homepage on Multiple Devices

How a Redemption Site Works object

It’s just like a Simple Store except shoppers must enter a code to access the store and they “redeem” their code for their product.

No payments, Shipping or Sales Tax

The shopper’s unique code is their payment! They won’t be asked to fill out payment information nor will they be charged for shipping or sales tax.

Simple Redemption Store Cart on Tablet

Create Codes and Assign the Codes to a Code Group

The system can generate the codes for you or you can upload your own. Control the value of the codes with Code Groups. Manage the products that appear in the store for the user and how many products they can “order” within that code group.

Edit Group Codes Page on tablet

Shoppers Redeem a Code for a Product

When the shopper arrives at the storefront, they'll be asked for their code before they can enter the store. The code will automatically let them know which products they're allowed to see and choose. Once they make their product selection, they'll use the code as payment to redeem for the product.

Simple Redemption Store Code Page on Tablet

View Codes & Redeemed Codes

Keep track of the codes loaded into the store with information like which group the code belongs to, the date it was added and redeemed, and the order number attached to that code.

Redemption Store View Redemption Codes on Tablet

Quick Set Up & Launch

Just like Simple Stores, Redemption Sites take just minutes to setup and launch. You just a logo, add the products, and customize the store colors and text.

Simple Redemption Store Product Page on Tablet

Manage Orders

Redemption Sites are built on the Bright Orders platform so you can manage all order details and run reports in the same system.

Redemption Site Screen of Order History on Tablet

Go on, play around!

We’ve built a Redemption Store so you can see what the shoppers will experience when they come to your store to redeem their code for an exciting new promotional product!

Enter the following codes to see!

Redemption - Limit 1 product.

Employee - Limit 2 products.

Manager - Limit 3 products.

View Demo

Get Familiar with Redemption Sites

Our Team has put together amazing resources for you to learn more about Online Stores! With Sales Sheets, Weekly Demo’s, and Demo Stores, learn all about what BrightStores can do to help grow your business.object