Program Examples

Company Store programs you can manage for your client with a Basic or an Advanced Company Store.

Points company store icon.

Points Store

A Points Store allows users to purchase products through a points based program rather than a currency system. Perfect for various reward, incentive, and employee programs.

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Points company store icon.

Micro Stores

A custom store configuration, allowing you to have multiple stores under one "anchor" Bright Sites store. A great solution for school districts, sport teams, and small clients that do not require their own store.

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Design lab company store icon.

Virtual Samples

Allow shoppers to choose their own logos and customize products with their information and view a virtual sample directly in the store. Perfect for corporate print materials and uniforms.

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Canadian company store icon.

Canadian Store

For our distributor friends in Canada, we've built a store just for you! Enjoy all of the same amazing features of Bright Sites, but without the added tax and shipping workarounds.

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Uniform company store icon.

Uniform Store

A Uniform Company Store Program provides employees with a centralized ordering location for the company gear needed to get the job done, saving the employer time and money.

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Punchout company store icon.

Punchout Store

A Bright Sites Punchout Store enables continuous communication between your client's procurement system and your Company Store, allowing for greater levels of spending control and order management.

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Company Store Levels