BrightStores & OMG have joined forces

Direct Supplier Integrations

We want to make your job easier! You can copy product information and images to your client’s Company Store, add the supplier’s live inventory count to the product, and send orders directly to your supplier.

Suppliers & Inventory

Sales Tax Integrations

Comply with various state tax laws by pulling in real-time tax calculations.

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Shipping Integrations

Flexible options so you can utilize the most efficient carrier and shipping methods for your client’s products. With ShipStation, you can connect your accounts and manage them all in one location.

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Payment Gateways

Start accepting credit card payments by setting up an account with a payment gateway. Payment Gateways ensure your store is secure and PCI compliant.

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Order Integrations

Once orders have been placed in your store, those orders can be automatically sent to a 3rd party system to begin processing and fulfilling right away!

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Single Sign On (SSO)

Integrate your client’s Company Store with their intranet for added security, flexibility and control. The user’s account information will be carried into the store and shoppers will automatically be logged in.

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Punchout Integrations

Allow communications between your client’s Company Store and their procurement system to complete purchases. Punchout Integrations allow for increased spending controls and order management.

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Zapier Integration

Integrate your store with over 3000 other applications, including Google Sheets, Slack, Salesforce, and more using Zapier!

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Web Services/APIs

With a full suite of APIs, integrate your store with any number of outside systems including order management, inventory, fulfillment, accounting and billing systems. Consume all order and store data programmatically; once the data is in your control, you may manipulate it exactly as you need.

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Get order notifications, approval (MOAS) messages, and shipping notifications directly through SMS messages.