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We get it, presenting a Company Store solution can be stressful. We collected some handy tools to help you present a Company Store solution that will win the account.

And don't forget, our sales team is always here to present alongside of you.


Before you start presenting, make sure you ask these questions to learn more about your client’s promotional products program, so you can discover the solution that’s right for them.
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Presentation Tips

Create a successful Company Store presentation and demo for your client with these tips. For a refresher on presenting a Company Store solution to your client, attend a weekly demo.
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PowerPoint Template

Build a Company Store presentation deck that will help you close the deal! You’ll find three sets of slides you can use to specifically target where your clients are in your sales funnel.
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Live Demo Stores

These demo stores are neutrally branded, so your client can envision how it will look and work for them. Need to take it a step further? Contact us to learn about Custom Demo Store options
Demo Stores |  Download Links [.docx]

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Our dedicated Customer On-boarding Specialist will help you with every aspect of building your Store. We can help with Store design, set-up, product loading and much, much more.

We can also determine exactly what level of Store you need so you can fulfill your clients' expectations and ensure a successful Company Store Program.

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