Supplemental Sales Sheets

All downloads are client friendly. Just simply download the file, add your logo and branding, and voila! The content is ready for you to share with colleagues and clients.

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Company Store Sales Sheets

Find helpful sales sheets that provide an overview of each of our promo eCommerce solutions, features, and a helpful discovery document to help get the conversation started with your client.

Bright Sites Advanced Store [.pdf]
Bright Sites Basic Store [.pdf]
Bright Sites Catalog Site [.pdf]
Simple Stores [.pdf]
Redemption Stores [.pdf]
Virtual Samples [.pdf]
Why Company Stores [.pdf]
Discovery [.pdf]


Infographics are a fun, visual way to inform your prospects and clients about Company Stores. Download and send to your prospects, clients, or share on your company blog and social.

Advanced Store Features [.png]
Basic Store Features [.png]
Catalog Site Features [.png]
Company Store or Simple Store [.png]
Key Elements to a Great Design [.png]

Integration Sales Sheets

We like to keep our integrations up-to-date which means our sales sheets change from time to time. If you would like the latest integration sales sheet, contact our sales team at

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