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Built on our modern Bright Sites Company Store Platform, a Points Store allows users to purchase products through a points based program rather than a currency system, perfect for various reward, incentive, and employee programs.

What Makes This Program Unique?

Points to money conversion icon for simple point conversion.

Simple Point Conversion

The point conversion rate is set by the store administrator, this is the number of points that equate to a dollar for the store.

For example, a conversion of 50 means that a $10 item will cost 500 points.

Computer icon for easy set-up.

Easy Set-Up

A Point Store is similar to our Bright Sites currency stores, but is even easier to configure and administer. Based on the conversion rate determined, all products are shown in point value rather than dollar value.

Shop icon for points shopping.

Users Shop With Points

Assign points to each store user, save time by uploading users and points into the system. Users can then start shopping immediately with their assigned points; if they don't have enough points to cover the purchase, they can make up the balance out of their own pocket.

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