Company Store Features

Everything you need to sell promotional products.

Site Design

No coding experience, no problem! With customizable themes and drag & drop page builders, you can easily design a beautiful Company Store that will look great on any device.


Have complete control over the Categories, customize however you need to easily guide shoppers to the products.


Add your own or copy products to your store from our large database of only qualified suppliers.

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Logo Virtualization

Create logo placements on your products by simply dragging and sizing the boundary box and check out your logos in action! Support multi-brand corporations in one library location – offering a choice to shoppers.

Users & Groups

Create and manage users from the admin area or allow users to create their own accounts from the storefront. Creating users allows them to manage their addresses, accounts, track shipping, and more!

Request a Sample

Allow shoppers to request a product sample right from the storefront. You'll receive an email with all the information you need to send the sample and your clients will have a chance to preview the products.

Request a Quote

With just the click of a button, shoppers can request a product quote. Requests with all the information you need will come right to your inbox.

Add to Wishlist

Allow shoppers to add products to a Wishlist and submit directly to you to quote and process however you'd like.

Vendor Management

Keep track of all vendors including contact information, account information and the number of products in your store from each.

Hosting & Security

With PCI Compliance and SSL Security requirements met, automated backups, intrusion protection, and hosting services – your store will be protected and performing at optimal speed with 99.9% uptime.

24/7 Support

User guides, knowledge based articles, and on-demand training videos are available anytime online. You can also submit a ticket for troubleshooting and issue tracking.

Professional Services

From sales consultations and presentation support to site design and data entry– we have a variety of services available to help you launch your site and sell more promo products!

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Shopping Cart

Shoppers will have a clean and concise summary of their products, product options, and logos. They can easily make edits before moving on to checkout.

Payment Gateways

Adding a Payment Gateway allows you to safely and securely accept credit and debit card payments while remaining PCI Compliant.

Custom Payment Methods

Create the payment methods your clients need to use, anything from purchase orders to department codes to cost centers and anything in between!

Custom Taxes

Calculate taxes by entering a custom rate into your store or choose to add-on the Zip Code Sales Tax option to calculate on a state-by-state basis.


Create custom flat rate shipping options based off either the order total or item's weight. You can also include a shipping base rate that can be added to each order at checkout.


Your store comes loaded with a full report suite that includes sales and product reports as well custom reports. Export and send any report to your client.


Keep track of order statuses, product details, history, payments, tracking numbers, and shipping confirmation emails - all in one place.

Advanced Shopping Cart

Customize the shopping cart and streamline the checkout process by choosing to hide fields that are unnecessary for the shopper to fill out, such as: billing and shipping addresses, coupon, gift certificate, and account balance fields.

Shipping Integrations

Utilize the most efficient shipping method for your products by pulling in real time rates from USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

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Permission Technology

Restrict what users can see and experience in the store by setting permissions on storefront access, categories/products, logos, payment methods, shipping methods, addresses, and administrative access.

Inventory Management

Keep track of all products in your store, including in-house and dropship products. Choose to display the actual stock or generic messaging on the storefront. Low and negative inventory notifications alert you when it's time to restock.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered Pricing allows you to setup multiple group based price levels for each item in your store and pull from the same inventory count.

Manager Order Approvals (MOAS)

MOAS requires a manager approval before shoppers may finalize checkout. Once the order is approved or denied, the system will notify the shopper that their order is either being processed, or they will need to make modifications.

Advanced Payment Methods

Help your clients manage spending in the store with advanced payment methods such as Points, Coupons, Gift Certificates, and Account Balances.

Custom Reports

Choose from over 60 fields to create a custom report. Drag and drop functionality makes it easy to create the exact report you need to please your clients.

Custom Domain SSL Certificate

Use your registered Custom Domain Name and activate the SSL Certificate to encrypt online store traffic for a secure store that will never revert to the subdomain name. Available for all sites and stores.

Zip Code Sales Tax

The Zip Code Sales Tax feature will enable taxes in your store on a state-by-state basis by pulling in rates from our database based on the zip code for the states you specify.


ShipStation connects your FedEx, UPS, and USPS accounts in one location and sends tracking info back to your store. You can also print shipping labels, pick tickets, and packing slips.

Order Push

Seamlessly send order information from your store to popular order management systems such as ASI SmartBooks.

ASI Smartbooks Export

Export order information from your store and import to ASI SmartBooks.

Demo Store

Start a Demo Store to experience the features and functionality of Bright Sites and share with your clients to help get them on-board.


With an API, you can programmatically grab store and order data to integrate with an outside system.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Allow users to log into their own portal or intranet and automatically have their account information carried to the store.

Punchout Integrations

Integrate your store with an outside procurement system to deliver relevant order information to the appropriate channels and streamline the approval process for the order.

Sales Tax Integrations

A Sales Tax integration will automate your tax compliance by pulling in accurate and real-time tax calculations from thousands of jurisdictions.


Setting up a Budget is used for increased spending controls and will place a limit or a cap on spending for users/groups.
Advanced Stores Only

Micro Stores

Micro Store Technology is a custom configuration which allows you to have multiple stores under one “anchor” store.
Advanced Stores Only

IP Restrictions

Control where users can access the store based on the IP Address - stores will not load if user is outside of IP Address location.
Advanced Stores Only

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