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When it comes to launching your Store, you probably have some questions. We've gathered most commonly asked questions below to give you some answers.

How do I know which solution is right for me?

You can always review our online tools and documents but the best thing to do is to give us a call. Let us work with you to review not only your client's requests and requirements, but yours as well. From there we can suggest a Company Store solution that will meet your needs and allow you to deliver a store which will impress your client.

How quickly can I get a Company Store built?

Some Company Stores have been built in a day! The time frame will vary based on design requirements and product quantities. For a Store with basic design, we can have your orientation, set-up and Store graphics completed within a week. You may begin adding your products and setting up your Store features and specifications typically within a day.

How much support/training will I receive?

You may receive as much training and support as you need. Initially, BrightStores offers thorough personal phone orientation and training. After that, you can feel comfortable knowing that we have 24/7 video training and a Support Suite with tutorials, downloads, ticket submissions and more. Access our Support Suite by going to: You may also call to speak to one of our knowledgeable support staff at 303-800-1546 x2, or e-mail them at

How easy is it to build and launch a Store?

We have built a reputation on providing systems which are very user friendly. Our Company Store Managers are well organized and filled with helpful video training sessions to make building and launching your Store a breeze.

Do you offer design services?

Yes, we have a team of highly qualified designers who can help you meet and exceed your client's strict design requirements. Whether you're trying to match your client's website, or build a new, unique and custom design, we have you covered.

Can I use your platform to build my own eCommerce Website?

Yes! Our Bright Sites product is a great platform for both Distributor and Supplier Websites, Catalogs or Stores. Why? Because It offers a mobile friendly option so that your site can be easily viewed and ordered from on any device! It also offers SEO capabilities, Social Media Integrations, a Supplier product data base, Google Analytics, a Retail Shopping Experience and much more.

Who manages the Store once it's been launched?

It is up to you or your fulfillment house to manage your Company Store. You may set up multiple Store administrators to help you. We will show you how to make the most of your Store by using fulfillment tools and reports to make Store management smooth and easy.

It's been a while since I've been through training. Do you have a manual that I can use to help me remember how to manage my Store?

We've got something even better! You may access video training sessions covering nearly every topic with which you might need help. Click on the Training Videos box at the top right hand corner of your Company Store Manager to select a video.

Do you provide any tools or resources to help distributors market and sell Company Stores?

We believe in partnering with our distributor clients to help leverage our Company Store technology to grow revenues, attract bigger clients and win more business! We provide you with Demo Stores, downloadable materials, as well as BrightStores ongoing and previously recorded webinars. ...All designed to support you in your sales efforts. Furthermore, you can contact our sales department any time for personal consulting on how to effectively qualify and sell Company Stores.


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