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Bright Sites Catalog Site homepage on tablet and iphone

What makes this a catalog site? object

What sets this type of Store apart? You can display products and get order requests via email. This Online Store does not take orders but you can easily upgrade to a Basic Store for the innovative shopping cart and streamlined checkout features!

Product Display

With a homepage, product categories, and product pages - your catalog site will have the same look and feel as an online store.

Bright Sites Catalog Site homepage on tablet


Users can create a wishlist of all their favorite products from the site for a future purchase.

Bright Sites Catalog Site wishlist page on tablet

Request a Sample

Allow users to request product samples from you directly from the site. They can select their logo choice, size, and color options.

Bright Sites Catalog Site request a sample form on tablet

Request a Quote

Users can also request a quote from you for products on the site or from their wishlist.

Bright Sites Catalog Site request a quote pop-up on wishlist page on a tablet

Requests to Your Inbox

All wishlist, sample, and quote requests will come directly to your email so you can follow up and take the order.

Bright Sites Catalog Site customer wishlist information on a tablet

Easily Upgrade to a Store

When you’re ready to turn the site into a store, you can upgrade to a Basic or Advanced Store in just a few clicks.

Bright Sites Catalog Site admin udgrade store levels screen on a tablet

Go on, play around!

We’ve built a Catalog Demo Site so that you’re able to see what the shoppers will experience when they come to your store. Our Sales Team is happy to give you a one-on-one demo to show you everything we have to offer. We also recommend using our Demo Stores as a great Sales tool!

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When you're ready to turn a site into a store.

Get rid of all the back and forth emails! Let your clients place orders from a store. To determine what is right for you, explore our Store Types below, or contact us today to learn more!object