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Site, Design, Pages

Modern Storefronts
Company Store Templates
Retail Style Templates
Mobile Responsive Themes
Customizable Theme Designs
Drag & Drop Page Builders
Image Editor
Built-In Slideshows
Category Banner Images
Point & Click Color Changes
HTML/CSS Access…. for the Geek!
Google Analytics
Google Maps

User Experience

Shared Addresses
Extended User Information
Guest Users
Custom User Fields
Group Passcode
Shop as User


Storefront Access
Admin Access
Payment Methods
Shipping Methods
Custom Data Collections

Product Display

Category Management
Custom Category Pages
Multi-Level Categories
Products in Multiple Categories
Sell Any Type of Product
Products/Product Database
Live Supplier Inventory
Mass Product Import
Bulk Edit Products
Product Options
Product Images & Image Groups
Recently Viewed Products
Product Reviews
Related Product Cross Selling
Filtered Product Search
Quantity Discounts
SKU & Sub-SKU Management
Internal Product ID
Sample Request
Quote Request
Min-Max Quantity Controls
Set Up Charge
Shipping Price Modifier
Product Level SEO
Built in WYSIWYG Editors
Full Product Options
Featured Products
Vendor Management
Inventory Management
Tiered Pricing

Logo Management and Product Personalization

Product Personalization
Virtual Logo Technology
Logo Management
Personalization Quickfill
Logo Charge
Multiple Logo Locations
Logo Permissions

Shopping Cart Options

Sample Request
Quote Request
Basic Shopping Cart
Guest Shopping
Save Shopping Cart
Edit Shopping Cart
In-Hands Date
Storefront Re-Order Button
Checkout Options
Custom Data Collections

Payments & Taxes

Custom Payments
Custom Sales Tax Rates
Payment Gateways
Zip Code Sales Tax
Account Balance
Gift Certificates

Shipping Rates & Services

Weight Based Shipping
Flat Rate Shipping
Shipping Base Rate
Shipping Address Validation
Box Packing Visualization
Shipping Integrations

Orders & Reports

Automated Order Push
Basic Reporting
Order Management
Custom Report Builder


Add-OnsCatalog SiteBasic Company StoreAdvanced Company Store
Virtual Samples
Advanced Virtual Samples
Custom Domain SSL Certificate
Payment Gateways
Zip Code Sales Tax
Custom Store
SMS Messaging
QuickBooks Online
Order Push
ASI SmartBooks
ASI ProfitMaker
Demo Store
Single Sign On (SSO)
Google SSO
Punchout Integrations
Sales Tax Integrations
Micro Stores
IP Restrictions

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