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What you need to know as a current Bright Sites user.


Starting Wednesday, September 20th, we will be offering Bright Sites in three store levels, we are thrilled to begin offering you more options for providing online stores for your clients! After we complete this deployment, you will have two opportunities to attend a Bright Sites user-focused webinar where we will review the updates and answer any questions you might have about the changes.

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What features are included in each store level and how much do they cost?

After the deployment, you'll notice a brand new Dashboard with the features for each store level clearly listed under each. For a sneak peak of the store level features along with the new pricing model, check out the Store Level Features & Price List.

How will this change affect my current stores and billing?

It won't! Your current Bright Sites stores will be Advanced Stores and more than likely, you will not see a change in your billing for those stores. Stores started after September 20th will follow the new pricing structure.

I have a store in Bright Sites, can I downgrade if I don't use certain features?

You cannot downgrade store levels, but you can turn off certain features if you are not using them for a cleaner admin experience.

For an Advanced Store, does that mean I get everything in a Catalog Site and a Basic Store?

Yes. An Advanced Store includes all features in a Basic Store and Catalog Site. Similarly, Basic Stores feature everything in a Catalog Site.

What are Add-Ons?

Add-Ons are a handful of options and integrations offered to enhance your store. You'll notice Basic, Advanced, and Custom Add-Ons.

Can I add a Basic Store Add-On to an Advanced Store and vice versa?

You can add Basic Add-Ons to Advanced Stores, however you cannot add Advanced Add-Ons to Basic Stores, this would require upgrading to an Advanced store.

Why are some features now Add-Ons when they used to be included?

When our previous pricing was established, Bright Sites didn't offer nearly the robust functionality that it now does. To offer a Basic Store option, we determined that rather than increasing the monthly hosting across the board for our Advanced Stores, we would break out our most complex features and charge for those only when utilized.

Why are you changing the system and the pricing model?

This change is being made as a result of frequent distributor requests. Distributors have been asking for a less expensive and more basic Company Store option. By offering a Basic Store, you'll have a cost-efficient solution to allow more of your clients to shop with you online for their promotional products.

Webinar: Bright Sites Company Store Levels & What You Need to Know

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Thursday, September 21st

11:00 AM MST

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Thursday, September 28th

11:00 AM MST


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